Brief History of A.A. in South Korea

Alcoholics Anonymous and its recovery program was first introduced to Korea by the Irish catholic Father Arthur M.(widely known as 'An shinbu' to Korean members) in the 1970s.

In early the 1980s some A.A. groups were established in Seoul and Kwang-Ju city. The GyeoJaSsi (means mustard seed) group started the meeting in Banpo-dong in Seoul and 'An shinbu' was a member of this group. The GoMaUm (means thankfulness) group was established in Sanggye-dong, Seoul. Irish Father Mortimer K. was one of the founding members. The PyeongOnHam (means serenity) group was permitted to use the employee lunchroom of a hospital placed in Kwang-Ju city as its meeting place in 1984. These three groups are the oldest groups in South Korea and are still functioning to carry the message to suffering alcoholics.

Big Book, Alcoholics Anonymous was first translated into Korean in 1986, twelve steps and twelve traditions in 1990, living sober in 1994, daily reflections in 1997 and As Bill Sees It in 2003.

Now we have about 186 groups in 9 districts and almost 3,000 members in South Korea.

English Speaking Group

There are English speaking groups which have independent service structure from Korean ones. Information about these groups can be found in

Location and Contact Information of G.S.O.

1. Tel: (+82)-2-833-0311 or (+82)-2774-3797
2. Fax: (+82)-2-833-0422
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4. Location: 5F JungWoo Bldg, 6, Yeongsin-ro 20-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

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